Mr. Mike Jackson


My name is Mike Jackson and I am married with 2 kids. I was born in Heidelberg Germany and grew up in Augsburg Germany until the age of 10. I attended 3 elementary schools in 3 different continents and have a unique upbringing from many of my peers living abroad in the world. I attended Augusta State University in college and earned a Bachelor’s of Education in History. History is a passion of mine to learn about my history and my ancestry lineage. I recently did a Dna test and found I am German, Jamaican and Cameroon descent. I also enjoy playing basketball and love watching sports. After going through a series of different jobs, I ended up at UCF as the Postal Manager and also I am a Realtor for Exp realty in Orlando Florida. I joined UCF in December of 2015 and currently still work as the Postal Manager. My goal in life is to take my experiences and share with my peers and also learn from their experiences as I moved around often as a child of the military and never had the experience of being born and raised in one location. I am passionate about uplifting people around me as being a blessing allows me to be humbled in the blessings I receive. This award is something I’m proud to receive and humbled that Black Faculty Staff thought enough of me to do so. I am excited to be in that position and hope to help this great group of my peers grow on UCF campus as it is needed.