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General body meetings are a regular gathering of the BFSA community. Typically, our general body meetings covers a range of topics, including organizational goals, upcoming events, financial updates, and other relevant issues. These meetings provide a forum for members to voice their opinions, offer input, and contribute to the overall direction and functioning of the group.

General Body Meetings are held, once monthly. Outside of special meetings, all meetings are hybrid and we welcome you to join us. We view these meetings as essential for fostering transparency, engagement, and collaboration among our members, and work to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and that the organization or group operates effectively and inclusively.

Our Fall Financial speaker series will focus on small business growth and finance, topics include: The power of capital (how to get the money), Navigating Cash Flow (how to keep the money), Marketing (how to keep the money coming), Growth Opportunities (how to grow the money).

29th Annual Joseph C. Andrews Mentoring Celebration

Thank you to all that attended the Black Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA)’s 29th Annual Joseph C. Andrews Mentoring Celebration on Tuesday, February 7, 2023.The University of Central Florida’s Black…

Conversation Series

Join us this semester for our Spring 2022 Conversation Series. On February 10th, we had some of our members host a panel on best practices for reaching the next level…

John T. Washington Lecture Series

“’It Could, in Fact, Conquer the Color Line’:Black Women, Beauty Advertisements, and Dreams of Equality” Thursday, February 17th at 6pm via Zoom UCF Alumni in partnership with the UCF Department of History’s Africana Studies…